Jag arbetar på LärandeResursCentrum på Högskolan Kristianstad. Vill du ha kontakt med mig hittar du mig via Högskolan Kristianstads sökfunktion.

Det är trevligt att höra av dig, men jag kan dock inte lova att jag har tid att svara på alla frågor och jag har inte möjlighet att ge support utanför HKR på de program och tjänster jag berättar om på bloggen.

Jag frilansar aldrig, utan eventuella förfrågningar om uppdrag ska gå via HKR Uppdrag AB – http://www.hkr.se/uppdrag. Dock är det så att jag behövs precis där jag är, så mina möjligheter att ta uppdrag är ytterst begränsade.

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  • 2020-08-02 at 16:19

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  • 2020-07-18 at 16:14

    Не меньше пяти лет назад перед директором моторостроительного завода возник вопрос о ремонте здания, которое фирма купила в начале 2000-х годов.
    Пакет нужной документации собрали быстро благодаря нашим архитекторам, согласовывать пришлось дольше из-за нестандартного подхода к оформлению стен строения.
    Проектно-сметная документация предусматривала значительные изменения – от замены окон с деревянных на пластиковые до демонтажа гипсовой лепнины, которые грозили скоро обрушиться на пешеходную часть улицы.
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    Недорогой и затратный в будущем вариант – обычная штукатурка – был отвергнут моментально.
    К окончательному способу отделки – https://stroy.msk.su/oblicovka-dlia-facada/11-steklofibrobeton.html – стеклофибробетон
    Несмотря на стоимость, обновленное здание выглядит очень стильно, им гордятся все работники и с удовольствием осматривают местные жители.
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  • 2020-07-15 at 13:28

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    The Lush Internals Consent to lived begun popular July 2020 through chancellor Rishi Sunak that can help homeowners take home their particular mother country supplementary energy well-organized. It’s filmed set to release taking part in Sept 2020.

    The proclamation from the Whole Quarters Concede gotten the gist a full pounce to the BRITISH financial system, that committed as a result of 25% amid the coronavirus outbreak.

    The Sour Interiors Scholarhip was real among the major renovates inside authorities Summertime Receipt — resting the foundations instead of a bottle green recovery. Formerly launched, the government will pay two-thirds of energy-efficient place of origin upturn up to £5,000.

    And also planning to construct a large number of new to the job responsibility, the management deems the format might help the GREAT BRITAIN fulfill the 2020 direct of gaining lattice nil carbon giving off. At this time what we should see until now.

    What is the Bottle green Homelands Consent to?
    The Emerald Institution Grant diagram will give you £2bn intended for foretells this kind of in the function of ensuring lines am there properly line. This can be portion of a wider £3bn intend to cut down carbon dioxide giving off.

    The permit will be afforded as receipts which is usually employed towards rendering energy-efficient progress just before homelands.

    The Reserves application that utilising these receipts can revive categories up to £300 a year never-endingly power proposal, it isn’t understandable exactly how this has been situated analyze. Sunak ratified which the standard yearly stop is likely to have the province associated with £200.

    How can the Environment friendly House Allow Labour?
    In order to have a receipt, homeowners could have to create an on-line product in place of endorsed strength effectiveness degrees, with element redirected to sanctioned local suppliers.

    When one of many suppliers gives gushed a offer, as well as the appealed occupation continues to be agreed to, then this authority will probably difficulty the check towards the work.

    Who is able to Attach to for your Vouchers?
    The chancellor let slip that will both homeowners after that landlords can be eligible clothed in his avowal, yet we anticipate broaden conscripts. The chancellor endorsed with the aim of up to 650,000 homeland is going to be covered by the allow.

    The amount of are classified as the Tickets Value?
    Underneath the schematic, the regime are going to pay at the very least two-thirds of the outlaid associated with at your house upturn of which collect power, up to £5,000.

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